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Reviews :

  • Full Ace Tennis Simulator deserves a rank among the best tennis simulations. Its physics engine provides game conditions never seen before. The size of the database of players and tournaments is impressive. We must praise the performance of Galactic Gaming Guild's two-men team.

Jeuxvideo.com : 17/20


  • "Its realism as well as its technique demand are able to fulfill tennis maniacs who find Top Spin 3 too casual."

Canard PC (french magazine) : 7/10


  • "When you do actually pull off that winning forehand smash or judge that cheeky little drop shot just right, it's really rewarding. Full Ace Tennis is definitely a game that takes a lot of practice, but persevere and you'll find it a good game."

CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog : 7/10


  • "Even if Full Ace may feel a bit rough, tennis purists will know how to appreciate this very promising talent. We only hope he can fully express himself..."

Gameblog : 3 out of 5 stars


  • "As a pure tennis simulator, FATS takes all the awards. I can’t think of any way to make this aspect of the game better. (...) It’s very much a niche offering, but a superb piece of software nonetheless."

Bytten : 86 % 



Players :

  • "It is pleasing to finally find a game where you can experience the sensations of tennis. For a try, it's a masterstroke, the both of you have just ashamed a whole lot of developers..."
  • "After 2 years of playing *** I would never have thought to find a game even better both in graphic quality and realism and gameplay!
  • This game has tremendous online potential imho"
  • "The game it's good the same, far better than a lot of games with expensive budgets and HD graphics!"
  • "Congrats on making a great game, really love it and I think I played almost every tennis game ever created"
  • "From yesterday I am the proud owner of Full Version of FULL ACE TENNIS! I must say that i am impressed. I was kinda scared how it would be to play on other surfaces, but I felt like it was real, very real. Great job to game developers."
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